Monday, November 03, 2014

My Favorite Books Giveaway | Features #02

I hope you have all had fun reading about the My Favorite Books Giveaway, 
which goes until Wednesday (midnight).

Today I'd like to share a few more great bloggers 
and the books they donated!

The first blogger I'd like to introduce to you today is 
Sara from Sunshine Whispers.
Sara is "a Mom who loves God, loves her family and friends, and loves to have fun! 
Seeking the ever elusive work-life balance and 
having a blast keeping up with a beautifully spirited little girl!"

Sara chose to donate 
It's Time To Sleep My Love by Nancy Tilman. 
Sara had such great things to say about this book and why
it is one of her favorites.
"It's Time To Sleep My Love" is such a beautiful book. 
The illustrations by Nancy Tillman are magical... 
the kind of artwork you want to frame and hang in your child's room. 
The words of the book are lyrical-lilting and as I read the book, I often find myself 
trying to imagine Garrison Keillor reading it with his slow, musical voice. 
When our daughter was younger we could actually read the book in such a way 
that by the end of it she was literally nodding off. It is still one of her favorites."

Next we have JoAnn & Megan from A Whimsical Life.

And just how fun are these two!

JoAnn & Megan blog specifically to those living in the Phoenix area.  
(Which I'm loving since I live in the Phoenix area!) 
Each weekday they publish creative ideas for kid’s activities, places to go in the Phoenix area, 
funny parenting stories, recipes, book reviews, and more.
JoAnn & Megan are the women behind Whimsicle.  
Moms themselves, they like to conquer each day with humor and humility, 
offering insight and inspiration along the way.

JoAnn & Megan chose to donate
If You Give A Dog A Donut by Laura Numeroff.

When asked why this was one of their favorite children's books,
JoAnn shared, 
"If You Give A Dog a Donut" 
was one of the first books that my daughter figured out how to read herself.  
Since it has a predictable text structure, 
she was able to easily figure out what the words say by using the pictures 
and knowing the structure of the story.  
She was so happy reading it and it gave her such a big sense of pride. 
All of these Laura Numeroff books are favorites in my house.   
We also love "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" and "If You Give A Pig A Pancake."
These next books were donated by one of my 
sweet friends Jacquie.

Jacquie works with 4th-5th graders at a before-after school program
and this fall will be an assistant teacher for the little ones in Pre-K.

I can't even imagine all the fun children's books she will be reading in her future! 

Jacquie chose to donate two sets of Sesame Street books. 

Jacquie chose to donate these two sets 
because she grew up watching and loving Sesame Street. 
She shared that, "It is a great learning show, and has so many lovable characters. 
I thought it would be a perfect set for another little boy or girl to learn with and love." 

She also donated 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (not pictured, sorry!)
"It is a fun counting song, one of the most memorable from my childhood. 
The book is cute, and I couldn't resist since it came with a CD full of songs!"

The last blogger I have to share with you today, is another dear friend.
I have known Samantha for over half my life, and she is like a sister to me,
so I was beyond excited when she wanted to participate!

Samantha just started her photography business, 
so definitely check her out when you get the chance!
Here photos are beautiful, especially the ones of her two handsome little boys!

Samantha chose to donate
Good Morning, Good Night by Melanie Mitchell.
 This book was chosen because it is was her oldest son's favorite books as a baby. 
"Now he likes to take the book and will try to read it to himself or to his brother. 
I especially love the touch and feel part of the book with the different textures."
Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be featuring four more amazing bloggers, 
with four more amazing books!

And again,
if you haven't entered the My Favorite Books Giveaway yet,
you have a few more days to do so.
Just click HERE to take you to the official entry form!


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