Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Austin Lloyd | October

 If you've been reading my blog for some time, 
you know my love for Citrus Lane.

Well, this month I was lucky enough to review a new box subscription, 

Austin Lloyd takes the guess work out of choosing toys that your child will enjoy
while gaining skills that aid in their overall development at the same time.

They are fairly new in the box subscription world, 
and just celebrated their one year birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

A few things that made me fall in love with Austin Lloyd 
before I even received my box.
Austin Lloyd boxes include unique high end toys that are not
typically sold at chain retail stores, and toys that are bpa and phthalate free.
They include engaging toys that are targeted at improving fine motor and cognitive skills.
Another plus- no battery operated toys!

One more thing. 
Austin Lloyd boxes only include toys and books. 
I love Citrus Lane, but the food samples are a no-go to me.
Especially since my little man is so picky! 

Right now Austin Lloyd only goes up to the age of 3,
but hopefully they will expand in the future.

Okay, so let's get into the box subscriptions!

Like Citrus Lane, Austin Lloyd offers subscription plans
as a month-to-month, three month, or six month
(no yearly subscriptions just yet). 

Although double the price of Citrus Lane, 
Austin Lloyd is definitely a bug step up from my monthly Citrus Lane box.

When choosing a box, I was recommended to do a 2 year box, 
since my little man is 21 months. That way he will have some products to grow into. 

Great customer service. Check.
I think it's so great they cared enough to suggest that to me.
I feel like they really care about their customers 
and want them to get the most out of their box subscriptions.

So, let's take a look at the box. 

So cute right?!
I love that it was personalized with Jackson's name, 
and it had an envelope describing what was included in the box.

So, before I even opened the box I was excited! 
(I didn't look at the cards until after, I don't like to cheat!) 

Now onto the box.

Austin Lloyd | October Box

Okay, so let's start with The Finger Circus Game book!
I love any time a box subscription includes a book, 
it makes my mama heart skip a beat 
since my little man and I sit and read each and every day.
I love throwing new books into the mix, and absolutely LOVE when they are interactive!

I had never heard of this book before, but it is adorable!
The die cut hole in the middle of this book turns into scenes
where your fingers turn into "finger worms" 
so your little one can play along while you read.

I really wasn't sure how my son was going to react to this book, 
but he loved it! 
He even participated in being a "finger worm."

The illustrations are fun, bright, colorful and very eye catching.
I also love this book because it really encourages a growth of your little one's imagination!

Next is the Lace and Play Lion.
The first thing I noticed was that this was ages 3+
and I was 100% okay with that. 

I loved that this box came with a toy that I could tuck safely away
and bring out later into my little man's second year.

Because, let's be honest. They are showered with gifts the first year,
and then some the second, but by the third I see this trend diminishing! :)

So, with this being 3+ we won't be trying it for some time, 
but this looks like such a great activity to help support the development 
of hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. 

I'm just not sure if it's a one and done project, 
or if you can unlace it and use it multiple times. 
The packaging suggests that one you are done, you can use it as a decoration to hang- 
so either way, it will be a fun activity to do! 

Then, we have these adorable little screwballs.

Seriously. I'm a sucker for adorable looking toys!

These Circus Screwballs are 24 months+ and my son is 22 months today. 
So although I will give them to him to play with, 
I'm not sure he will grasp the concept just yet.

I took them out to give them a try and you have to use a little strength
to unscrew all the pieces,
but again- I'm loving the fact that this is a toy he can grow into.
(Especially since he is outgrowing all his current toys!) 

Even though he may not be able to make the characters himself just yet, 
I love taking toys like this and using them to play WITH my son.
I do this when we build with blocks too, If I'm making something for him
I ask him to hand me certain colors or blocks as I do the building!

Another fun plus, since these two little cuties screw and unscrew,
you can mix and match them to keep things fresh
and create new friends.

And that brings us to the last item in our box this month, 
the wooden Story Circus Train.

I really couldn't get enough of all the great items in this box, 
but this took the cake! 

This toy train came in the little white bag shown in the first picture.
It was later explained that the box this originally came in 
was too big for the Austin Lloyd box, 
and since they still wanted to include this adorable item 
it was unpackaged and repackaged, as well as reassured it was brand new.

To be honest, I didn't think twice about the way it was packaged. 

My only thoughts were:
My son is going to freak out. 

Not only are trains "choo-choo's" his absolute favorite thing in the world right now
but his favorite animal is a giraffe.

This toy is also so great, because the cars are magnetic. 
This is great for little ones because it eliminates the frustration 
of having to "hook up" cars.
(I'm not sure if this is only an issue with mama's to little boys, 
but it's a real issue, I promise. Haha.)

Plus they are small enough for little hands to carry.

Okay- one more thing.
How great is this?!

Right now they only take toys and books from the Austin Lloyd boxes,
but either way I think giving back is such a great thing to promote!

Before I get into the the total value of my box, I got an email the day after I received it.
There was a mistake with the Story Circus Train,
and the card they sent was printed with the wrong picture, and wrong retail value.

The retail value stated was $30 when in fact it was $15.
So this actually decreased the value of my October box by $15.
Luckily, I don't get too worked up about these things.
They made it right, by giving each customer a $15 credit, so in the end it all works out. :)

So the actual value of my October box as I got it was $51.93.
If the value of the Story Circus Train was correct, I would have gotten a 
$66.93 value for just $49.99.
So I would have come out ahead $16.94.

That's a pretty good deal in my book! 

I was sent my Austin Lloyd October box to review courtesy of Austin Lloyd, 
but I promise you that all views are mine and mine alone.

I absolutely loved each and every item in my box. 

I'm so passionate about promoting an early love of learning and reading, 
and I think it's so important to start when your little ones are young, 
before they get to school! 
This monthly box subscription is perfect for just that.

With toys that are not normally found in retail chain stores, 
it give you a step outside the box, and refreshing, austin new toys each month 
that are not only fun, but educational for your little one!

Austin Lloyd comes highly recommended, and if you are willing to spend
a little extra money (then on a subscription service like Citrus Lane & Bloom)
you will definitely get some really great, high quality products
for your little one to enjoy! 

Are you a member of Austin Lloyd? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


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