Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Currently | 06.02.15

Watching | TV... What's That?!

Lets talk about my DVR for a minuet.

Shark Tank. Ellen. Undercover Boss. The Kardashians. 
Celebrity Wife Swap. Modern Family. Shipping Wars.

All my guilty pleasures, exposed!
And in no specific order.
Multiple episodes of all sitting on the DVR, that's how often I watch TV these days. 

Reading | Toddler Books. 

Don't knock them, I've always had an absolute love for children's books,
and before buying them to grow my little man's library,
I would buy them for my husband. 

You know the lovey-dovey ones. 

Right now our favorites have been:
-Pete The Cat | The Wheels On The Bus
-The Berenstain Bears | Big Honey Hunt
-And The Train Goes
-Good Night Daniel Tiger

Listening To | My little man telling me everything he "has to have." :)

Working On | My Etsy Shop- Simply Sweet Prints

Seriously a never ending, work in progress!
I absolutely love my little shop, and it's been so amazing 
to see how much it's grown in a little over a year. 

There is so much competition, and some days I feel as though
I'm listing items that no one will ever see.

Other days I create something new, and it's an instant favorite, 
and I just know there are others out there that will love it just as much as me!

I plan on growing this little business of mine,
until it can be a steady source of (second) income for my family.
Until then, I will keep plugging away! 

The key is staying positive and motivated, in this and any business!

Feeling | Ready for summer!

Although the days of 100+ degrees are here to stay in Arizona until, 
oh... probably September, 
there is just something about the summer. 

Pool Days. Running In The Sprinkler. Outdoor Concerts.
Sunshine. Ice Cream.

You just find the times during the day where you can enjoy being outside, 
and you go for it!

All the other times of the day, you sit inside, and enjoy the luxury of
air conditioning. :) 

Planning | My Sister's Baby Shower

I was over the moon excited when I found out my sister was pregnant.

Honestly, one of my first thoughts after "OMG I'm going to be an Auntie!"
was "OMG I can not wait to plan her baby shower!"

It's at the end of the month, and it's going to be perfect!
All things sweet and girly!

My mom and I have been planning, shopping, and crafting for it,
for a couple months now, and I can not wait 
to see it all come together!

Loving | Life

Okay, cheesy answer, yes. But seriously.
Life with my amazing husband and my equally amazing little man
is simply the best.

I truly feel blessed to wake up each and every day to this life. 

My days are filled with more joy, laughs, and smiles than I ever
thought was possible.

Time goes way too fast, against all my wishes,
so I'm just making sure to take in each and every day,
and each and every moment. 

My Favorite Photo:

Almost every day, or morning I should say, is a pool day. 
Welcome to Arizona summers.

I took this one the other day to send to Daddy, and my heart melted.

And, yes... he is always this happy! :)

Monday, June 01, 2015

Make A Mess | May

Thank you to all that stopped by 
to read about my April Messy Box by A Beautiful Mess.

It was one of my favorite post to date, 
due to the fact that I love to craft, and crafting supplies is one of my love languages! 

(Next to coffee and cozy sweatshirts... obviously.)

So, I'd like to say Happy June 1st, 
by sharing my May's Messy Box

This was my third month receiving the Messy Box subscription,
and I'm still totally hooked!

This month's theme was centered around
celebrating the color of life, and included:

3- "9x12" Scrapbooking Papers (Single Sided)

"6x12" Alpha Letter Set

Especially with it being summertime, 
I am loving all of the bright colors this month! 

Die Cut Banners

Chipboard Shapes,
and a HUGE bonus... they are adhesive! 

"3x4" Happiness Is, Stamp Set

"1 Yard" Of Black & White Stripped Ribbon


Although I most likely won't use them for crafting, and instead insert them
into cards I send back home,
I think I was most excited about these little cuties! 

Seriously, such fun colors! 

6- "4x6" Journal Cards (Double Sided)

6- "3x4" Journal Cards (Double Sided)

12- "3x3" Journal Cards (Double Sided)

So, there you have it!

Just like my past two boxes, I am extremely impressed
with the products and quality, and already can't wait for this month's box!

What did you guys think about everything that was included 
in May's box?!

Have I convinced you to add a messy box to your life yet?!

For more information on monthly subscriptions, click here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Additions | Simply Sweet Prints

While I've been MIA from the blogging world,
I've been spending my days with my little man 
playing cars, trucks, trains, coloring, doing puzzles, 
building with blocks, reading, reading, reading,
and then when I have a minute to myself I do some Simply Sweet Prints work. 

Some of my favorite new items
have been my decorative prints.
The majority of the time I am inspired to designed 
with a little one's nursery / bedroom in mind. 

So today, I wanted to share a few of those sweet little additions

“You, you alone will have the stars as no one else has them...
In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. 

And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night...

You, only you, will have stars that can laugh.” 

Baby Boy Version Of:

"Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains."
-Napoléon Bonaparte

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Make A Mess!

I'm just going to start here, 
if you are not following A Beautiful Mess on Instagram
you are missing out in a big way!

And if you ever have a lack of inspiration, 
this will solve all of your problems:

Seriously. I visit both, daily.

Now I would say you all know how much I love to craft,
But I'm pretty sure you don't.
I always have all these great plans for updating my blog
and well... life just happens.

So I'm going to tell you.
I. Love. To. Craft.

Always have. Always will. 
It's in my blood. :)

So, when I heard about the launch of the very first Messy Box...
I do what I always do,
sent the link to my amazing husband,
and put it on my wish list (most likely for Christmas).

I just said he was amazing... but really guys, he is AMAZING
because now this beautiful perfect little box of crafting supplies
shows up in my mail box once a month. 

 So, because I'm way behind on this sweet little blog,
I am going to skip ahead and bring you my second Messy Box from April.

"Messy Box subscribers get a monthly box of awesome products 
you can use to document your life in style." 

You’ll get a bunch of one-of-a-kind items like stickers, patterned paper, journaling cards, 
(my favorite) washi tape, and so much more!

Each month, they focus on a cool design or theme to get you inspired!

So here is what was included in my April Messy Box!

6- "9x12" Papers (One Sided)

Tiny Black & White Alpha Stickers
Rainbow Washi Tape
Rotary Phrase Stamp
Heart Die Cut Shapes

I also wanted to point out how cute the packaging is!

7- "4x6" Journaling Cards

(And I LOVE that some include quotes,
because I am a HUGE quote lover!)

6- "3x4" Journaling Cards

12- "3x3" Journaling Cards

I am a huge fan of journaling cards,
and there are so may fun ways you can use them while scrapbooking.

I love that these are not your typical designs that all stores carry
like Michaels & Hobby Lobby.
They are unique, and so much fun!
AND they are on a heavy weight paper as well as double sided. 
(Varying colors on the alternative side.)

Great quality on all products. 

I was hooked after my first box,
and my May subscription should be tucked inside my mail box early this week.

I already can not wait to see what is in side and share! 

If you want to look into a subscription for yourself,
and I'm going to highly recommend you do :)
visit A Beautiful Mess - Subscriptions for more information! 

Monday, May 04, 2015

Messy Box

Coming to the blog soon... 

One of my favorite reviews yet!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Four Things Now That I'm A Mom


So the title of this post is really:
Four Things I Do Now That I'm A Mom, That I Think Are Totally Normal, 
But Are Probably Not Normal At All. 

And for the sake of this post, I will throw out there that my son is 
freshly two years old.

So... these habits are two years, and going strong, haha.

I hand wash each and every one of my little mans bottles, and now cups and dishes.
(And of course sanitize.)

I don't know why but I can not bring myself to put them in the dishwasher. 

And since we are on the topic of washing baby items-

I have a separate sponge that I use only for washing his dishes. 
I get weirded out thinking about washing his dishes
with the same sponges that we clean our dishes with.
Since for the most part, our dishes are way dirtier than his. 

I also have to dry each and every item.
Water spots give me anxiety, haha. 

I have never put a single item of my little man's clothing in the dryer.
I hang and air dry everything down to his socks.

Weird... I don't know, but I can tell you this. 
It keeps his clothes looking new and fresh, 
(a huge perk for, if in the far future he has a baby brother)
and he has gotten to wear everything much longer due to things not shrinking.

Win, Win in my book! 

I over pack to a fault now.
Something that has gotten much worse since becoming a Mom. 
Again, my son is two, and leaving for the house is like 
packing for a weekend getaway.
Food, Toys, Books, Snacks, Water, 
Light Jacket (especially in the summer since it's SO cold in most stores)
Taggie, Pacifier, Back up Pacifier...
all to go grocery shopping.

I thought the older he got, the less I could leave with
but it just seems to get worse! 

I fear forgetting the little things to a fault. 
I have taken a picture of my little man every day for the first two years 
of his adorable little life.
I've relaxed a bit on the third year... but it's been hard for me haha.

I also keep a word document on my lap top 
where I write things down every day or two 
just little notes to myself about things I don't want to forget.

So... there you are. 

Some may be more normal than others, 
but either way,
weird or not, I do all these things for this little face.

(One day I'm sure he'll tell me I was crazy, and I'll just say... I know!) 

Are there more, of course.
But I decided to keep my list to four (for now) so that you all don't think 
I'm TOTALLY crazy.

How about you Mama's out there...

is there anything you do now that your a Mom that you think is 
normal... but probably isn't?!

Thursday, February 05, 2015


I haven't blogged in a couple months,
so I figured this would be a good place to start!

Currently | 02.05.15

Watching | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
My little man gets to watch a little TV in the mornings, 
before we turn it off, and blast some toddler radio. 

Shows I'm currently watching via my lovely DVR:
Shark Tank, The Middle, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation
I don't have time to get into any new shows, 
it's hard enough finding time
to watch the four above!

(PS. Who else is SUPER sad that Parks & Rec is ending,
and that you won't get your weekly does of Chris Pratt?!)

Reading | American Sniper
Well... I am waiting for my husband to finish it,
so I can read it, so we can go see the movie.
(I have a problem with reading books after seeing a movie,
so if that is the case, and it's a book I want to read,
I have to read the book first!) 

Listening To | Taylor Swift "1989" STILL.
Who wants to go see her on tour with me?!
Really... she is so great. 

If I'm in the car, and the radio is on, 
I'm listening to the local country station, or the new alternative station. 

I'm also in love with this song (anyone else?!)

Working On | Getting a blogging schedule together.
Really, I took off time for the holidays, and never found my way back! 

I'm going to a blogging event in a couple weeks, 
so I also want to get new business cards that combine
both my blog and Etsy shop. 
(I'd love to hear who you use for your business cards below!)

AND I know it's a little early so 
*cover your ears*
I'm working on the Simply Sweet Prints "Easter Collection"
and I am so excited (I really do love ALL holidays!)

I switched programs in the middle of last year,
and I'm having to re-create everything,
so I'm also re-vamping and adding a couple new additions as well! 

Feeling | Like I can finally breath.
This holiday season my little man turned two. 
Between Thanksgiving, a 2nd Birthday party, Christmas, New Years
it's been a wild ride. So fun, but so non-stop!
Now that it is February, I finally feel like I'm able to sit down,
and try to get organized for the year.
Better late than never! 

Planning | NOTHING. :)

That's actually not true,
I'm trying to plan out my goals for Simply Sweet Prints for 2015
and start working on the new additions for the year.
(Banners, & Party Accessories)
I'm also going to start offering printing on all invitations / announcements...
it's going to take a little bit of time, but I will get there!

Loving | That it is February.
The weather is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL here in AZ,
and Valentine's Day is a week from Saturday.
We don't do anything big, but how can you not get it the Valentine's spirit
when you have the best husband in the world!
Plus...  I love holidays about LOVE
(yes, even the definitely made up Sweetest Day!) 
Baking. Hearts. Glitter. Hugs. Kisses.
Need I say more! *wink*

My Favorite Photo:
I took this photo of my little two year old right after the Christmas season... 
and I am still DYING. 
I'm biased for sure, but I think he is just the cutest!