Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Four Things Now That I'm A Mom


So the title of this post is really:
Four Things I Do Now That I'm A Mom, That I Think Are Totally Normal, 
But Are Probably Not Normal At All. 

And for the sake of this post, I will throw out there that my son is 
freshly two years old.

So... these habits are two years, and going strong, haha.

I hand wash each and every one of my little mans bottles, and now cups and dishes.
(And of course sanitize.)

I don't know why but I can not bring myself to put them in the dishwasher. 

And since we are on the topic of washing baby items-

I have a separate sponge that I use only for washing his dishes. 
I get weirded out thinking about washing his dishes
with the same sponges that we clean our dishes with.
Since for the most part, our dishes are way dirtier than his. 

I also have to dry each and every item.
Water spots give me anxiety, haha. 

I have never put a single item of my little man's clothing in the dryer.
I hang and air dry everything down to his socks.

Weird... I don't know, but I can tell you this. 
It keeps his clothes looking new and fresh, 
(a huge perk for, if in the far future he has a baby brother)
and he has gotten to wear everything much longer due to things not shrinking.

Win, Win in my book! 

I over pack to a fault now.
Something that has gotten much worse since becoming a Mom. 
Again, my son is two, and leaving for the house is like 
packing for a weekend getaway.
Food, Toys, Books, Snacks, Water, 
Light Jacket (especially in the summer since it's SO cold in most stores)
Taggie, Pacifier, Back up Pacifier...
all to go grocery shopping.

I thought the older he got, the less I could leave with
but it just seems to get worse! 

I fear forgetting the little things to a fault. 
I have taken a picture of my little man every day for the first two years 
of his adorable little life.
I've relaxed a bit on the third year... but it's been hard for me haha.

I also keep a word document on my lap top 
where I write things down every day or two 
just little notes to myself about things I don't want to forget.

So... there you are. 

Some may be more normal than others, 
but either way,
weird or not, I do all these things for this little face.

(One day I'm sure he'll tell me I was crazy, and I'll just say... I know!) 

Are there more, of course.
But I decided to keep my list to four (for now) so that you all don't think 
I'm TOTALLY crazy.

How about you Mama's out there...

is there anything you do now that your a Mom that you think is 
normal... but probably isn't?!


  1. I'm loving that you are so cautious and protective of your little one. As any Mother would be, I assume. I'm excited to be a parent one day :) :)

  2. I really enjoyed your post Erica! It reminded me how I was when my kid was still an infant and I began to notice the idiosyncrasies that I do, but I did not do them when I wasn't a Mom yet! How interesting is this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I love how you keep a Word document handy to record all the moments! I am So forgetful these days:-(.

  4. Great list. I also forget things and overpack them! Why do we do that? I can't believe you take the time to hang dry all of your son's clothes though. That's impressive! I'm way too lazy haha.

  5. This is wonderful and I know as a parent we can get a little protective of our babies. It doesn't really go away. My daughter is 8 and I let her do more now because she's older but the worry is still there.

  6. I'm a terrible over packer! But.. I've always been like that.

  7. I always hang dry my baby's clothes too! I couldn't stand them shrinking and getting pill-y!