Sunday, May 17, 2015

Make A Mess!

I'm just going to start here, 
if you are not following A Beautiful Mess on Instagram
you are missing out in a big way!

And if you ever have a lack of inspiration, 
this will solve all of your problems:

Seriously. I visit both, daily.

Now I would say you all know how much I love to craft,
But I'm pretty sure you don't.
I always have all these great plans for updating my blog
and well... life just happens.

So I'm going to tell you.
I. Love. To. Craft.

Always have. Always will. 
It's in my blood. :)

So, when I heard about the launch of the very first Messy Box...
I do what I always do,
sent the link to my amazing husband,
and put it on my wish list (most likely for Christmas).

I just said he was amazing... but really guys, he is AMAZING
because now this beautiful perfect little box of crafting supplies
shows up in my mail box once a month. 

 So, because I'm way behind on this sweet little blog,
I am going to skip ahead and bring you my second Messy Box from April.

"Messy Box subscribers get a monthly box of awesome products 
you can use to document your life in style." 

You’ll get a bunch of one-of-a-kind items like stickers, patterned paper, journaling cards, 
(my favorite) washi tape, and so much more!

Each month, they focus on a cool design or theme to get you inspired!

So here is what was included in my April Messy Box!

6- "9x12" Papers (One Sided)

Tiny Black & White Alpha Stickers
Rainbow Washi Tape
Rotary Phrase Stamp
Heart Die Cut Shapes

I also wanted to point out how cute the packaging is!

7- "4x6" Journaling Cards

(And I LOVE that some include quotes,
because I am a HUGE quote lover!)

6- "3x4" Journaling Cards

12- "3x3" Journaling Cards

I am a huge fan of journaling cards,
and there are so may fun ways you can use them while scrapbooking.

I love that these are not your typical designs that all stores carry
like Michaels & Hobby Lobby.
They are unique, and so much fun!
AND they are on a heavy weight paper as well as double sided. 
(Varying colors on the alternative side.)

Great quality on all products. 

I was hooked after my first box,
and my May subscription should be tucked inside my mail box early this week.

I already can not wait to see what is in side and share! 

If you want to look into a subscription for yourself,
and I'm going to highly recommend you do :)
visit A Beautiful Mess - Subscriptions for more information! 


  1. Ohmygoodness- I LOVE this! That stamp is calling my name! Definitely going to check out the subscription!

    1. The stamp is seriously amazing, I should have gone into more detail, it's too cute and the box subscription is SO FUN!

  2. so fun...I want it! and why do any friends that love to craft have to live a while away :( we should at least meet for coffee sometime and brainstorm crafty ideas day when I open a crafting/photography studio, you can collaborate with me if you want ;)

    1. Stephanie, You would love it! :) And I feel the same way, I wish we lived closer... but I for sure want to come to your next crafting night, and I'm always down for finding time to get coffee and brainstorm! ALSO... I've always wanted to have a crafting studio... SERIOUSLY... I'd love to collaborate with you whenever the time is right! :)

  3. This is such a cute idea for a box! I love to craft, too, and would love to get new papers and stationery in my mail every month! :)

    1. You would love this! Like I said, one of the coolest things is that you can't just run to Hobby Lobby and pick up a sheet of this paper! I love that it is different! :)

  4. Oh my cuteness. I already love A Beautiful Mess, but I have never gotten their box. I loved what you received, I think I need to take the plunge!

    1. Gahh, a fellow Beautiful Mess lover! :) I'm obsessed, and I'm pretty sure you would be too! They also have a "Happy Mail" stationary subscription that I'm dying to add!

  5. Oh I love subscription boxes. This looks fantastic!