Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Currently | 06.02.15

Watching | TV... What's That?!

Lets talk about my DVR for a minuet.

Shark Tank. Ellen. Undercover Boss. The Kardashians. 
Celebrity Wife Swap. Modern Family. Shipping Wars.

All my guilty pleasures, exposed!
And in no specific order.
Multiple episodes of all sitting on the DVR, that's how often I watch TV these days. 

Reading | Toddler Books. 

Don't knock them, I've always had an absolute love for children's books,
and before buying them to grow my little man's library,
I would buy them for my husband. 

You know the lovey-dovey ones. 

Right now our favorites have been:
-Pete The Cat | The Wheels On The Bus
-The Berenstain Bears | Big Honey Hunt
-And The Train Goes
-Good Night Daniel Tiger

Listening To | My little man telling me everything he "has to have." :)

Working On | My Etsy Shop- Simply Sweet Prints

Seriously a never ending, work in progress!
I absolutely love my little shop, and it's been so amazing 
to see how much it's grown in a little over a year. 

There is so much competition, and some days I feel as though
I'm listing items that no one will ever see.

Other days I create something new, and it's an instant favorite, 
and I just know there are others out there that will love it just as much as me!

I plan on growing this little business of mine,
until it can be a steady source of (second) income for my family.
Until then, I will keep plugging away! 

The key is staying positive and motivated, in this and any business!

Feeling | Ready for summer!

Although the days of 100+ degrees are here to stay in Arizona until, 
oh... probably September, 
there is just something about the summer. 

Pool Days. Running In The Sprinkler. Outdoor Concerts.
Sunshine. Ice Cream.

You just find the times during the day where you can enjoy being outside, 
and you go for it!

All the other times of the day, you sit inside, and enjoy the luxury of
air conditioning. :) 

Planning | My Sister's Baby Shower

I was over the moon excited when I found out my sister was pregnant.

Honestly, one of my first thoughts after "OMG I'm going to be an Auntie!"
was "OMG I can not wait to plan her baby shower!"

It's at the end of the month, and it's going to be perfect!
All things sweet and girly!

My mom and I have been planning, shopping, and crafting for it,
for a couple months now, and I can not wait 
to see it all come together!

Loving | Life

Okay, cheesy answer, yes. But seriously.
Life with my amazing husband and my equally amazing little man
is simply the best.

I truly feel blessed to wake up each and every day to this life. 

My days are filled with more joy, laughs, and smiles than I ever
thought was possible.

Time goes way too fast, against all my wishes,
so I'm just making sure to take in each and every day,
and each and every moment. 

My Favorite Photo:

Almost every day, or morning I should say, is a pool day. 
Welcome to Arizona summers.

I took this one the other day to send to Daddy, and my heart melted.

And, yes... he is always this happy! :)


  1. I agree with work in progress stuff. Never ends

    1. I have a feeling that will never change! :)