Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thought For Thursday

So. I'm in love with quotes.

Life quotes. Fun quotes. Mama quotes. Family & Inspirational quotes.
Really any quote that speaks to me. 

I have a collections of quotes written in notebooks, random pieces of paper,
post it notes, word documents, and wanted to start sharing some of them.

 This quote by Jon Krakauer is so great for this very moment 
of my life right now.

My whole life I've been all about not going too far out of my comfort zone, 
(it's a long work in progress)
and my life right now is taking me as far away from that as possible. 

My family definitely has an adventure ahead, but I'm trying to look at this
phase of our life as an experience, one to grow and learn,
 and to keep in mind that everything does truly happen for a reason. 

I also decided to start sharing a #tbt picture on my blog, 
because, well... why not! 

Here is my first bloggers Throwback Thursday!

In honor of football season, and the Chicago Bears, 
here is a look back at Jackson's 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd (because I had to) football season.

It's seriously wild to me how much he's grown in just 21 months, 
I would kill for just a few minutes to snuggle that little babe in the first picture again. 

(Our annual, Jackson, Dad & Grandpa picture!)


  1. that's a wonderful quote. i always find quotes or songs that can sum up my life in that moment. and though some may think it's cheesy. i think it helps me navigate through life. :)

  2. I love a good annual picture, mainly to see the growth of the kids, it's so sweet. That last picture is great, all the men in the family are all dressed the same and ready to watch the game.

  3. What a beautiful quotes! I love printing out my favorite quotes and framing them so I can look up at them whenever I'm feeling down <3

  4. It's fun seeing how much your little boy grew in those three pictures. That is such a fun memory to be able to show him later.

  5. I love that quote! Change is so scary, but it opens up parts of you that you had no idea were there.

  6. Beautiful post. Great quote and really cute pictures. <3

  7. Such a cute little guy. And I'm with you- I'm a quote fan too!

  8. Love quotes! Such a great inspiration during the day.

  9. Inspiration for Romance! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Awh how lovely, I love the throwback pictures, your little one was such a small little baby :)

  11. I love quotes too! Thanks for sharing this one. And for the throwback pictures - cute!

  12. OMG The three generation photos are so cute. I'm definitely going to do something similar!

    Too gorgeous!

    Katie <3

  13. I've been gathering lots of quotes for inspiration lately too. I find I gravitate towards ones that are short and sweet.

  14. aw love those photos! They really do grow too fast!

  15. Beautiful pictures! And a great momento when your son is bigger!

  16. I love quotes too!! I have a little notebook in my purse just so that I can write down good quotes as soon as I hear them :) Love this one

  17. I absolutely love that quote!! Sometimes you just have to go for it and make big changes!