Friday, December 05, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide | Toddler Edition: Part Two

And now today, I bring you part two of 
the Mini Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide | Toddler Edition!

Again, all items I am highlighting are under $12
and are handmade with love AND can be found on Etsy!

The first shop I want to share with you today is Pips Emporium.
Jen is the woman behind the shop and makes a wide varitey of items 
She use a local natural wood and non-toxic paints and varnishes.

One of my favorite items from Jen's shop
has to be her hand painted memory games.

With a variety to choose from, each set is cuter than the next!

Jen was so kind, and sent me a Farm Animal Memory Game.

"Your child will love to match these cute farm animals 
which include sheep, cows, roosters, pigs, and ducks. 
This set comes with a hand made drawstring bag for easy store and travel."

Each wooden game piece measures 2-1/4"W x 3-1/8"T
and is hand stamped and painted with acrylics and sealed with a non-toxic varnish.

Seriously, I can not say enough about how stinkin cute these

little matching cards are!

These are made to order-

and they are hand stamped / painted with such great detail! 

I absolutely love that these are so different from any matching game you
can buy at the stores, and the quality is amazing! 
As with the other gifts yesterday-
an added bonus / major selling point,
they are small enough to fit in your purse | diaper bag
and SO GREAT for entertainment on the go! 

And, now the last shop / item in my Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide,
I bring you Pretty Girl Designs.

"Glitter, Shimmer, Personalized Gifts- their ideas are endless 
and because they're small and nimble they can work with you 
to create the perfect invitations, announcements, cards or gifts!"

Pretty Girl Designs offers invitations, personalized stationarynote cards, prints
and THIS:

I can not even BEGIN to tell you just HOW MUCH I am in love 
with My Mom Snaps, a book (by: Kari McGarath & Darcy Jerome)
 that Darcy was sweet enough to send me.

"What does Mom do while her little ones explore the world around them? 
She snaps, of course."

"Mom stands by with her camera while kids enjoy everything 
from splashing in the pool and learning to ride a bike to baking a cake 
and snuggling up to sleep. 
Bright colors, cheerful illustrations and playful rhymes 
engage kids who’ve ever felt they’re being followed by the mom-arazzi." 

"What's more, in heartwarming verse, 
Mom Snaps reveals the endearing reason why Mom snaps so much: 
To preserve childhood's sweet memories for a lifetime."

Seriously, for all the crazy mom "photographers" out there...

I am beyond obsessed with taking photos of my little man.

Want proof?
I take a handful of pictures daily (how many, I wont say)
and have them organized by date on my laptop.

And just when I think I have enough photos-
I take a few more, just in case! 

This book is an absolute perfect way to justify all
the times Mom snaps,
and would make a great gift for your Mommy friends 
or your family photographer... if she's a mom of course!

OR because I love reading to my little man,
it now sits on his bookshelf.
So many people that you can give this sweet little book too!

And, if the text in this book was not sweet enough,
the illustrations are simply gorgeous! 

This is a book you can not get in the bookstore (unfortunately!)
and at just $9.95, you can even treat yourself this holiday season,
because this book is a must have
no matter who you get it for! 

Thank you all for stopping by, if you missed yesterday's Gift Guide Ideas
you can click HERE to see it!

I hope I was able to help you out this year, 
we all know how hard those toddlers can be to shop for! *wink*



  1. These are all great! I love adding a little holiday flavored health bar or chocolate bar. Great post!

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  9. SO much better than plastic or paper and if not losing a piece can be managed, it is a great toy to pass down parent to next generation of child!

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