Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A mother's take on lack of sleep.

Since Jackson was born, I, myself, have gotten three nights where I got to 
sleep through the night. 


He is 15 months old. 

And sleeping through the night means 6-8 hours where I didn't wake up once. 
And no, I am not exaggerating. 

Three. Nights.

Those three nights were sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's and I am forever grateful for them. 

 So, my husband and were talking the other day about one of our favorite topics- 
how Jackson still doesn't sleep through the night, or nap much for that matter. 
We've always joke that he doesn't want to miss out on anything. 
So, then I jokingly said, It's okay since he doesn't sleep or nap much, 
that just means I get to spend so much extra time with him. 

That was a few days ago and although I was joking, it made me stop and think. 
It's true. 
Even when he was weeks old, he was never a napper, and never slept through the night. 
(Or those six hour stretches I heard so much about.)

 I kept waiting for it to happen, and then I kept waiting some more. 
So, instead of being in his nursery in dreamland for hours, I always had him next to me. 

I'll never forget those early days, the days of him just laying next to me, 
eyes big and bright, just looking around, taking everything in. 
All those extra hours I had with him, I am now so thankful for. 

All those extra hours today, I am even more thankful for. 
Time is no joke. It goes fast. And then faster and faster.

Sure, it's frustrating. 
But I know I'm not the only Mommy who has an overactive baby 
who would rather do anything and everything but sleep. 

I'm here to tell you, it's not that bad. 

One day, our little ones will be teenagers, and we won't be able to get them out of bed 
no matter how hard we try. 
I know I am going to be so grateful for all those extra moments I got with Jackson. 
All those times he woke up after only a couple hours of sleep- 
All those extra snuggles I got.

I will carry them in my heart, and cherish them forever. 

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