Saturday, April 05, 2014

Simple Things Sunday #007

So many moments to choose from this week.
But I'm going to keep it simple and sweet. 

Moments between Jackson and his daddy are simply the best.
Sometimes I have to stop myself from running to get the camera, 
to just enjoy and take it in. 

But then, other times
I'm so happy I ran and GOT the camera. Because then I get to capture moments like this. 

Sweet, precious moments. Ones that freeze time.
Ones that make my heart burst with so much love for both of them. 


  1. Oh, that shot of them mowing the lawn is adorable! Nice capture!

  2. Such sweet captures... great timing too! Little ones grow up way too fast...

    1. Thanks so much Catherine! He is our only baby, and I have quickly realized just how fast time goes!