Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Red Balloons For Ryan

Although I do not not know this family, 
my Instagram feed is filled with photos of this little boy's sweet face.

I can't look at those photos without tears filling up in my eyes. 

A little boy, just playing outside. 
So innocent, just having fun
not knowing what would happen. 

All I can think about when I see all of those precious photos is Jackson, 
and how much I love him, 
how much I cherish each and every second with him,
how much I want to keep him close to me and safe forever,
and how much I can not, for a half of a second, imagine my life without him.

I couldn't read this story without my heart aching. 

I can't imagine what any family goes through that loses a baby so young. 
Or how they find the strength to keep going.

This family does not know me, but I am praying for them. 

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