Monday, November 03, 2014

My Favorite Books Giveaway | Feature #03

Okay loves,
just two more days until the winner of the 
My Favorite Books Giveaway is announced. 

I'm seriously so excited,
and I'm ready to ship these amazing books off to their new home!

But first.
A few more bloggers to feature today! 

Today I want to start off with
Dana from Sweet Shoppe Mom.

Dana traded her career in biotechnology 
to open Simply Sweets Cake Studio in Scottsdale, AZ
(ummm... totally going to have to check that one out!) 

Dana fell in love with blogging and social media as she worked to market her business. 
& In 2012 she decided to launch Sweet Shoppe Mom 
so she could blog about her own interests.

Dana donated 
Chicka Chica Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.
and what a fun book this is!
I don't have it for my little man yet, 
but it's on his Christmas List!

It's bright colors and fun rhymes 
are sure to make this a favorite for your little one!
Next, I have Suzanna from One Hoolie Mama

Suzanna is "a mama to a bunch of hooligans (aka “hoolies”) both furry and non-furry.   
I am a wife to my wonderful, long-suffering husband, 
boy mom (#BabyD and #BabyD2), 
fur mom (5 dogs and a cat at the moment), 
runner (who may or may not be slower than a turtle running through peanut butter) and 
fitness enthusiast, blogger, volunteer, who also happens to work full time."

What. Even with being a stay at home mom
I'm not sure how she wears so many hats,
but she inspires me, that's for sure! 

Suzanna donated 
Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
and who doesn't love this book!
It's a must have for everyone's book collection
big or small, 
and it definitely takes on a whole new meaning once you become a mama yourself!
Our next book comes courtesy of Dee from The CSI Project.

Okay. Seriously. How much fun is she?!

"My name is Dee and I am the CSI crafty girl! 
I am a diet coke with lime drinkin’, modge podge lovin’, 
anything that glitters and sparkles makes me happy, 
party throwin’, church goin’, pj lovin’ crafty girl! 
Did I mention spray paintin’ crafty girl’? 
My favorite color is glitter and I am obsessed with leopard print!"

Favorite color- Glitter. Check. 

I'm pretty sure we could be besties in the real world. :)

For this giveaway, Dee donated
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? by the one and only Dr. Seuss. 
We have this as well as a million other Dr. Seuss books
for my little man and although I tend to get tongue tied, 
they are all so much fun to read!

When I asked Dee why this was one of her favorite children's books
she replied,
"I have always loved the words of Dr. Seuss 
and becoming a step mom meant I could share this love with my step daughter. 
Mr. Brown Can Moo, is a favorite of my step daughter's. 
So, in honor of her and the incredible gift she is to me, 
I hope the winner of this giveaway can make wonderful memories too!"

Oh my goodness, so many great books to share, 
later today I will be sharing two more books
that are perfect for the holidays right around the corner! 

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