Wednesday, November 05, 2014

My Favorite Books Giveaway | Feature #04

Okay, here it is.
The last day of the My Favorite Books Giveaway.

I'm gonna kick it off with part one of today's featured bloggers.

First, I am excited to share Shelah from Mosswood Connections.

"The contributors of Mosswood Connections are parents and therapists 
specializing in autism services. 
They believe in maximizing a child's potential through positive reinforcement,  
play based interventions and skill building activities."

"The creators of Mosswood Connections, Shelah and Sarah, 
have been working with children who have special needs for many years.  
Over the years they have acquired a variety of therapy tools and 
parenting techniques to enhance the educational and developmental programs 
of the children with whom they work. 
As parents they bring the same energy and approach to parenting their own kids. 
Their success in working with children is based on their using a creative, 
collaborative approach to connect with children 
in order to enhance their development 
by tapping into each child’s interests and strengths."

Shelah chose to donate 
Don't Turn The Page by Rachelle Park.

When I asked Shelah why this was one of her favorite
children's books, she shared
"I have too many "favorite" picture books to list but my latest favorite is
Don't Turn the Page by Rachelle Burk, illustrated by Julie Downing. 
This clever story has a book within a book and centers around a scene that all
parents know well: the child who doesn't want to do go sleep quite yet.
The prose and the pictures are captivating and engaging. I can see this
book becoming a favorite bedtime book in many homes."

One of the great things about Mosswood Connections 
is that their website has coordinating activities.

You can click on the following link to take you to the

Next, I am sharing Megan who blogs over at

The Adventures of Noble & Pond was started as a means 
to marketing Megan's Etsy business, Nobel & Pond. 
As she shares, her love of writing soon took over, 
and her blog became a place for her to share her various passions. 
She is an avid animal lover, and tea enthusiast. does not sow, but does sew. 
On her blog you will find a little bit of everything, 
but she likes to keep her readers informed on her exploits as a pet mom 
and novice sewist.

Megan chose to donate a set of books by the Smithsonian Institute the

Megan chose these books because when she was little 
she was obsessed with wildlife. 
"I loved camping and I always enjoyed going to the demonstrations 
that were hosted by the park rangers. After one of these demonstrations,  
we went to the park gift shop and my parent's bought me a book about chipmunks. 
I read that book to death.  I wish I still had it, 
but it was extremely well loved and one day it made it's way to the recycling bin. 
When I found The Smithsonian Series at my local book store, 
I was filled with nostaglia for my long lost chipmunk book.
 I know that any little one who loves animals will love to learn from this 
brilliantly illustrated series."

Here is a quick look at the four books you will receive!

How beautiful are those illustrations?!

Later today I will be posting part #02
to finish up this great giveaway,
and the winner will be announced tomorrow!

If you haven't entered yet, click HERE
to view the original post...
I'm in love with each and every one of these books, 
and don't want you to miss out! 

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