Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditions

So, my family has MANY more Christmas traditions
than we do Thanksgiving traditions.

I'm actually kind of sad that I can only think of four.

1. We watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Yes. I am aware it's pretty awful,
and I'm sure I'm not alone, but my husband hates parades.
However, I always remember watching it growing up, 
and to me it doesn't feel like the holidays unless it's on the TV.
Plus, who doesn't get the biggest feeling of holiday cheer
when they see Santa arrive at the end on his sleigh-
marking the official beginning to the holiday season!

So, although silly, this is one tradition I plan on passing down 
to my little man.
PLUS a little birdie on the street told me Thomas will be making 
an appearance this year,
so I'm pretty sure my little man is going to think
I'm the coolest mom ever for this great tradition. 
Well, at least for this year.

2- Thanksgiving dinner.

We do not switch it up. 
Side dish for side dish- the same every year
and I absolutely love it.

Sorry, Ryan. :)
(Ryan is way more adventurous in the food department,
my family knows what they like-
and we don't typically stray!) 

3- What we are thankful for.

When I was younger we always went around the table
and said what we were Thankful for.
My family doesn't have a ton of deep conversations,
and not that this is deep by any means-
but it's nice to hear what everyone is most thankful for
in their own lives year to year.
Something I will definitely continue with my little family.

4- My husband and I do not cheat on the Black Friday Ads.

Meaning- we do not look at any deals online, 
we wait until Thanksgiving Day to grab TWO papers
so we can be surprised at all the (no so great) deals
that are going to be offered on Black Friday.

We get so excited, hence the two papers
and I know it's silly, but I love being surprised! 

With a lot of the stores opening on Thursday now
(which I am a million percent against)
this has lost a lot of it's excitement in terms of
being motivated to wait in lines for items I really don't need.
However, it's something we've done since our first holiday together,
and I love our little tradition.

So now that my little man is going to be two,
I'd love to focus more on the Thanksgiving holiday-
and add some new traditions next year.

So this is where I need your help!
What are some your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?
I'd love for you to share!

And because I couldn't resist...
I added two new Holiday Prints to the Simply Sweet Shop

I'll be announcing Black Friday deals for the 
Simply Sweet Shop tomorrow on my Instagram,
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  1. Such cute prints! LOVE hearing about other peoples traditions.

  2. My family is the same. We only have one Thanksgiving tradition (the clan on my side gets together) but a lot more Christmas traditions.

    1. SO many Christmas ones, I see another post in my future haha! It really is the best time of the year!

  3. I love that you and your husband each get a paper - surprises are always the most fun! We're all about tradition with our Thanksgiving meal too, don't mess with my stuffing!

    1. We do, we can share most things, but not the black friday paper! We like to go through it and make notes / plans for what we want to get! :)

  4. My traditions are the same as yours! At night, I tend to scope out the Black Friday sales online too.

  5. Every thanksgiving, after we finish dinner go for a walk and stop by a park in a neighborhood to let the dog run around and we play catch or bring a frisbee with us. This is all dependent on the weather of course! typically its pretty nice out but if its not we skip the walk and go straight to playing board games!

  6. I absolutely love the Thanksgiving parade and football! <3

  7. I'm the same way- i love watching the thanksgiving parade every year, no matter how lame, haha!

  8. I love hearing holiday traditions. I just found out about the dog show! Have you watched it ever? I want to watch it.

  9. I dob't even know if I could think of four Thanksgiving traditions. We have a lot of Christmas ones though.

  10. We have many more Christmas traditions as well which makes me sad because Thanksgiving is my favorite! I love your new printables! So cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. This gives me goosebumps! I'm so excited to host our very first American thanksgiving except it's going to be on Black Friday since my husband is doing a biking race during the day on Thursday.

  12. These prints are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  13. The ads were out even earlier this year but I like cheating, it gives me a heads up on what I want to get.

  14. The parade is one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving! And those prints are so cute!

  15. I LOVE watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I know it can be terrible sometimes but it makes me feel like the holidays. My mom always had it on while we were eating breakfast and getting dressed.

  16. Thanksgiving Day Parade and Westminster Dog show for us! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. I think it's cute that you both look at the paper like that. I am in Canada but I still love watching the American Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Football

  18. I was just talking to my boyfriend last night about how we are starting our own traditions :)

  19. I love the print with the coffee cup. This is such a great post. My older two kids and I were talking about traditions over dinner this Thanksgiving about starting our own traditions that we will continue every year. So we are putting our thinking caps on and trying to come up with good ones. It might be a trial and error for a year or two!