Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Of all the lessons I hope to teach my little man, 
he is teaching me one of the most valuable lessons of MY lifetime. 


To help you understand, my husband always said, 
"You would never make a good doctor, because you don't have any patients." 
Like patience. Get it?! :) 

I'm not so sure that helps you understand... but it's the best I could do! 

It's not that I was always in a hurry- it's just that if I had something to do, 
that was not fun- I just wanted to get it done. 
I didn't want to take my time doing chores, or running errands.

Before Jackson, I never knew it could take twenty minutes to vacuum our kitchen floor. 
Normally taking me about three minutes. 
(He absolutely loves the vacuum.)
He holds on and doesn't let go until we are done. 
Periodically looking back at me, thinking that it is one of the coolest things he's ever done 
in his short 18 months of life. 

Don't even ask how long it takes him to help me vacuum the living room. :) 

Before Jackson, I never thought I would take my time putting the dishes away. 
Normally I just wanted it done- 
Grabbing as many things as I could to speed up the process. 
Now Jackson hears the dishwasher open, and RUNS over. 
He stands there and hands me one spoon at a time, then one fork at a time, until we are done. Big smiles on his face the whole time. 

Before Jackson, I never knew it would take me two hours to grocery shop, 
or that I would talk to so many random people while grocery shopping. 
Going up and down the aisle, if he isn't trying to help, he's smiling and waving at everyone. 

Literally everyone. 

I can't tell you how many times he will smile at an older couple, and they stop to talk to him.
I used to get to the store, focused on what I needed to get, 
not paying attention to anyone around me, let alone talking to anyone. 

Seriously. someone could have been standing in the same aisle as me, 
trying to hand me $100- and I never would have noticed. 

Not intentionally- I just wanted to get in and out.  

Now I cherish the moments, and all the new people I meet, even for a brief moment. 
Some people have said the nicest things to me about cherishing my time with Jackson
or just about how happy (and cute) he is. 
There is something so heartwarming about someone you don't know, 
taking the time to say some kinds words to you. 

But back to my big helper at the grocery store... 
His favorite is when we pick out apples. 
He can't wait to grab an apple, and put it in the bag for me. 
One by one, focusing on getting it in the bag- taking twice as long. 
And I don't mind at. all. 

I used to rush through things, to get them done before Jackson had a chance 
to come and be my "big helper". 
I knew if I didn't, I would be doing a small minimal task for much, much longer. 
But that was short lived, and I quickly learned to embrace it. 
Jackson will never be this age ever again (nor this eager to help me out!) 
and I want to take in each and every little moment. 
He wants to help. He wants be by me.

And I want him to have the experience, no matter how silly of an experience it may be. 
Because to him-  right now, everything is a fun, new, exciting experience. 

I'm sure as he gets older, my lessons in patience will change-
 from being patient with small things- to being patient with much bigger things. 
But I hope I can always take a step back- and always enjoy the experience of this journey.

Plus, how can I say, 
"Mommy doesn't need your help right now" to this sweet face?!


  1. Thanks for doing another blog post you are so good at these I love reading them!!!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy them. Thanks for always being my #1 fan. XO!

  2. So sweet! I was told before having Keira you will see just how selfish we are designed. It has been a huge lesson for me in being "other centered".

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment love! It's so true, and so crazy how such a little person who can't even talk yet, can teach us such big lessons in life; :)