Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review: Citrus Lane / August

Okay. I'm bringing back my Citrus Lane reviews.
I know, everyone is so excited, right? :) 

So, lets start here for those of you who are not familiar with Citrus Lane
"At Citrus Lane, we’re passionate about finding the best products for kids and parents, and sharing them with you. With a subscription, you’ll receive a signature Citrus Lane box each month with four or more products selected especially for the age and stage of your child. You’ll discover new parenting solutions and trusted brands--all delivered right to your door!"

Jackson (and mommy) love our monthly boxes!
He gets some of the cutest, fun, and even practical items
from a lot of great companies I've never heard of.
(Which I usually end up loving- example Petit Collage this month!) 

So, here we go.
I bring you our box for August!

Cool It Buddy from Me4Kidz $3.00
Yum-a-roos from Nuturme $2.50

Okay- let's start with this adorable growth chart...

So, my only complaint about the growth chart is that my son is already 20 months.
it's not really a complaint because we've been keeping track of his height all along,

Seriously... it's so cute, right?!

was an exclusive to Citrus Lane members,
but they have about six other adorable designs to chose from here.

Not only did this growth chart come with leaf stickers
 to write your little one's stats on (not pictured, sorry!)- 
it is made with such great quality and I am 
confident it will hold up over the years, until Jackson outgrows it. 

Plus- do yourself a favor- and check out their website-
I am already working on Jackson's Christmas list which I'm pretty sure needs to include 
the Petit Collage beginner puzzle and memory game
and their Alphabet Art Cards as well!

Anyone that walks into our house will notice
that we are huge Melissa & Doug fans over here.

We have puzzles, toy cars, planes, car carriers, a music set,
and now blocks!

We love our ABC 123 Blocks
the are solid wood, hand painted, and come with a storage pouch.
(That they never stay in, thank you Jackson!) 
They measure just 1x1 inch so they are smaller than our other blocks,
but the size makes them perfect for small hands

And, as much as we loved the first two items above- 
these two did not score as highly.

We've gotten the Cool It Buddy ice packs before, which come in a set of two. 
These are supposed to be instant ice packs- 
great for emergencies or on the go. 

However- the couple times I've tried to use them-
neither worked and got cool, 
which makes me very happy I did not save them for emergencies. 
I would say I got a faulty pack- however my friend received the same item, 
and she had the same experience.

It was only a $3 item, so I didn't mind getting them again- 
if they do what they are supposed to.
We'll see if they work this time, but I'm not counting on them to come through. 
I'll have to try one out for an emergency that's not really an emergency. :)

The Nuturme Yum-A-Roo's are made from quick dried 
organic ingredients and each pack contains 1.5 servings of fruit and vegetables.
I was very excited to have a new healthy snack to try 
but when I saw it contained pees and sweet corn I was not hopeful.

I feel as though I can't give this product a honest review
since my son is SUPER picky. So I'll leave that one as is. 
Snacks will always be a hit or miss item.


Monthly Box Subscripton Cost: $25.00
(Approximate) August Box Value: $40.50

So I have to be honest, I've always LOVED Citrus Lane,
and we've gotten some of the BEST items that Jackson
is seriously obsessed with 
but the past couple months have been a little disappointing 
and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue my subscription.

our August box had a couple great, high value items that restored my faith
just a little longer.

There were a few disappointing items- BUT they were minimal in value
and didn't really effect how I rated my box. 

I was very happy this month, and can't wait to see what next month will bring!

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