Sunday, August 03, 2014

Simple Things Sunday #013

Jackson is becoming more and more aware
that Daddy is gone during the week for work.

So especially on the weekends, 
he does not want to leave his side. 

He does not want Mommy for much of anything, 
and I try not to let it hurt my feelings.

We have an agreement on the weekends. 
I sleep in on Saturdays while Ryan gets up with Jackson. 
Ryan sleeps in on Sundays while I get up with Jackson. 

(Seeing as Jackson gets up at 5:45 EVERYDAY
I do believe this is a pretty sweet deal.) 

This morning went like this:

Jackson do you want to get up with Mommy?
Do you want to get up with Daddy?
Come with Mommy, we'll go play with trucks.
Do you want Daddy to get up and play trucks with you?

I'm only half kidding about it hurting my feelings. :) 

It makes my heart burst with how much Jackson 
loves his Daddy
and just HOW much he wants to always be by his side.

I finally convinced Jackson to come hang with me this morning...
and this is how he spent part of it...

Waiting outside our bedroom door
for Daddy to get out of bed. :) 


  1. haha, oh that is so cute. And, yeah definitely can hurt mom's feelings. He just wants to soak up all the dad time he can get though. I always feel badly when Aria is teething and prefers mom over dad.

    1. Courtney I know what you mean! Most of the time my little man is with me, so I can't get too upset when he wants his Daddy! :)