Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Most Important Work

Starting your own business is hard.

Especially when you started it less than 6 months ago, 
and you are trying to grow it into something great. 

So this quote is one to always keep close.

There are so many days I just want to sit at my laptop and create. 
All day.

But I'm a Mommy first.
And that will forever be my most important job. 

My little man needs me to be 100% present in his life.
And I want to give him 100% of myself. 

When he is awake I make the biggest effort
to put down my phone
and close up the laptop.

We read, sing, dance, and play with cars for hours.
I watch his personality and imagination grow day by day
and I wouldn't trade that for all the sales in the world. 

I know these moments will pass all too soon, 
and I will eventually have more time than I need. 
I will wish for these crazy, busy, stress filled days 
of early mornings and late nights
back more than anything.

But for right now, it's difficult to fit a business 
into being a full time mommy and wife.

Really difficult.

Sometimes I feel like I don't have the time I need
to focus on things other than my family
but when you are passionate and motivated
somehow you make it work.

I hope one day my little shop will be a big shop
but until then I'm okay with growing it slowly. 

I'm blessed to have the customers that I do,
and even more blessed to have the best full time job in the world,
being a mommy to my sweet little babe. 

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