Tuesday, October 01, 2013


One of my unhealthy obsessions / addictions : Pinterest

My loving husband has witnessed this first hand... but as I always like to say, It could be worse, right?!

So, to this blog I bring you "pin.spiration" and I'm pretty sure that needs no explanation. :)

Once I finally get my little man to bed for the night, I usually take a few minutes to myself, to sit and relax- and that usually finds me aimlessly clicking around Pinterest. With thoughts that fill my mind such as "oh my gosh, that is so cute / my little man totally needs that" or "I have to make that" and "that looks so delicious" I rarely get to bed at a reasonable hour. And as long as I have a mug of coffee in the morning, I rarely regret my decision. 

So today I bring you the first of many Pinterest related posts. 

A couple months ago, one of my best friends and I had a "mommy's night out" and we attended a BYOB painting class. Thanks to Groupon we got an amazing deal, and we had such a fun night.

I want say, I went into this night just knowing I wanted to have fun (and a glass or two of wine!) I am crafty but not necessarily artistic... and I had no expectations as to how my painting was going to turn out / not turn out. All I knew is that I wanted to paint something for my little man. 

After spending about ten minutes going back and forth trying to decide what masterpiece I was going to try to create, I settled on this for my inspiration. 

via pinterest 
I absolutely love the saying, and I loved the clouds. It was a winner. 

We were there for a good couple hours, and again, I had so much fun. Great times with great company, and I was able to fully relax knowing my little man was safe at home with his Daddy. 

Never. Ever. In a million years did I expect to love how my painting turned out. And I really never expected that I would love it so much, I would want to hang it in Jackson's room. But that is exactly what I did. 

I know it's silly but it made me so happy to paint this for him. He is my world, and even when I have time away to myself he is all I think about! 

Has anyone else ever taken a BYOB painting class? I will definitely be taking another one in the future! 

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