Friday, October 11, 2013


Fact: I get my love of ALL holidays from my mom. 

For as long as I can remember, my house was one of the "cool" houses to trick-or-treat at. At times, kids would even come by more than once, as if we wouldn't notice. :)

 I will always remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom, emptying the big bags of candy, and sorting it into two piles: chocolate and non chocolate. There were months we would even have non-food items such as Halloween pencils, erasers, and stickers. We would sit there and make little goodie bags for each and every little (and not so little) trick or treater that rang our doorbell. 

So... I can't  help myself when I find the most adorable ideas for "treat bags" on pinterest. Below are some of my favorites, and if we didn't live in an apartment where we literally get NO trick-or-treaters (I don't get it!) I would try  my hardest to *persuade* my husband into letting me make at least one of these!

Coffin Treat Boxes

Bugs & Kisses (Free Printable!)

Pumpkin "Poo"

Paper Ghost Bags

Halloween "Lunch Bags"

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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