Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday's Thought

This really touched my heart.  

In just one short week, my little man will be ten months old. Ten. Months. As my husband likes to say, 'he will officially be out of your belly, longer than he was in it'.

It's so bittersweet.

Jackson has truly been a blessing in our lives. He has changed my life, for the better in so many ways. He gives a whole new meaning to everything I do.

With his one year approaching, I find myself getting more and more crazy about trying to capture each and every little moment, so when I came across this photo,
 I knew it was perfect and that I had to share.

"You will never have this day with your children again."

Hug your little ones a little longer.
Give them a few extra kisses. 
Tell them you love them a million times, and then a couple more.
Take the time to sit back, and just watch them. It's one of the sweetest things.
Make them giggle like crazy- at least once a day.
Take a nap and snuggle with them. You will cherish those moments.
Photograph the little details, and write the memories down.
And remember to enjoy today, mama. 

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